Thursday, February 25, 2010

They are here... MAGNOLIA Stamps!

We braved the snow and waited at the store... Sandy got there early, I followed later.  Our first shipment of Magnolia has arrived.  Pre-orders will be shipped out Friday morning!  YIPPEE!

You still have time to get these cuties at the our introductory price.  I'm going to leave them on sale during the weekend... and maybe even load up some of the new Spring line that is on order!  Go HERE to order your Magnolia images.

Mulberry paper was due to arrive today too, but there was no sign of them by 3:30pm, so we headed back home to wait.  Seems that DHL didn't want to chance the drive from Allentown to deliver in the storm.  I hope to have more updates for those of you patiently waiting for white mulberry to return to stock.

Until next time!
HUGS& Smiles

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tick tock, tick tock... goes the clock!

This is an exciting week for all of us at The Beary Scrap.  More so, the excitement is brewing with our Design Team!  The final days are counting down to the lauch of what will be a very busy and active DT blog.  In less than a week the Gals will be LIVE!  We aren't talking "weekly postings" either.  There will be something new nearly EVERY DAY!  From inspiration and tutorials, to fun and and yep, some candy too.  The Gals are even planning a few challenges for you to join in on.  The Gals intend to keep you inspired and *wow* you!  They clearly know how to WOW me, that's for sure.

So, what are you waiting for?  Scoot on over to the Design Team's Blog and start following.  You can even join us on Facebook.  The girls have been heating things up there too.  Take a moment to say "HI" to each of the Gals by posting under their intro's.  I know they would love to hear from you all.

Until next time.

Hugs & Smiles!


Monday, February 15, 2010

Basic Grey Origins Card Class

When: Saturday, February 27
Time: 2:00 to 4:00
Cost: $20.00
Instructor: Tracy

Come join Tracy and create these 4 beautiful cards using the Basic Grey Origins Line... our HOTTEST seller in the store. You will learn how to "doodle", paper piece, and much more. Don't miss out on the fun!

Supplies to bring will be posted soon :)


Spirelli String Art Card Class This Saturday!

When: Saturday, February 20
Time: 1:00 to 3:00
Cost: $25.00
Instructor: Tracy

Come join Tracy as she shows you how to make these unique embellishments for your cards and scrapbook pages. You will be creating 2 cards with embellishments that you will make with your own two hands. Take home instructions so that you can recreate these Spirelli's any time.

If you haven't registered already, please call the store or email me at to register.
More posts to come today!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Hubby is MY HERO!

My Hubby saved my computer!  Lots of hard work, determination, and hours on the phone with his I.T. support guy (Thanks Eddie), my computer and it's files will be saved!  Thank Goodness.  After pulling the old hard drive and giving it an external hook up, we were able to pull my files up on the mini laptop.  A new hard drive has been installed on my "work computer".  The entire computer has practically been rebuilt.  Once we finish loading all of my software and other programs, I'll be back up in running on the ole girl.  Then I can transfer my files back to the computer.... and YES, they are all backed up on 2 external sources.  I'm not taking anymore chances.

What a relief!


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Computer Failure!!!!

Hello everyone!  My main operating computer has "crashed"!  Talk about devastation!  MY FILES!   I am unable to get obtain any mail messages that have been sent to me since last night.  Everything from 11am to now is fine since I am now using my kids computer and have outlook up and running on it.  I know I had about 5 to respond to this morning, and now I am unable to retreive them to write back.  Please, if you emailed me and didn't get a response, please send your message again.  Sorry!  My husband is working hard to try to save or salvage whatever files he can.  Yes, I've lost EVERYTHING since my last external back up over 2 months ago! 

Talk about PANIC!  Wish me luck.  I hope some of  my files can be saved!



Friday, February 12, 2010

Meet Susan! Our Design Team Coordinator

It's time to introduce you to our amazing team of deisgners!  First up is our Illustrious Design Team Coordinator Susan Killam.  Susan has been doing an outstanding job organizing this new adventure for all of us at The Beary Scrap.  Thanks a bunch Susan!  HUGS to you... REALLY BIG BEAR HUGS!


Hello! I'm Susan, from Killam Creative. I also answer to Honey, Sweetie, and Mommydog. My husband -Matthew- and I have been married 12 excellent years. We have a 6-year-old Blue Doberman Pinscher named Finnegan. He is absolutely the sweetest dog in the world! We adopted him from a Doberman Rescue two years ago. At the adoption event, he picked Matthew out of all the potential adopters, and the decision was made!

I am a hobby photographer, paper artist and -soon!- a wire-based jewelry maker specializing in chainmaille weaves. As a photographer, I try to capture the natural world around me, especially the really small parts.

My paper goods include 3D art cards and scrapbook layouts. I started out making cards for family and friends about 5 years ago. I can honestly say I only decided to take it seriously in 2009, and I've had a creative explosion of sorts. It's been a great ride so far!


Susan also designs for Sassy Studios, a really cute digital stamp company.  You can check out Sassy Designs Studio by clicking HERE.

Be sure to swing on over to Susan's Blog HERE to learn more about her and her work and seen the amazing things that she has created.


Magnolia Stamps available for Pre-Order! Special Pricing!

We have some of the new "Raising the Ceiling" 2010 Release of Magnolia Stamps on order.  These are expected to ship to retailers mid-February.

I just loaded these cuties to the website (click HERE).  Magnolia's are available for pre-order at a SPECIAL PRE-ORDER PRICE!  Not even in stock and already on sale just for you!  Once we have them in stock, these stamps will return to the regular retail price.  Don't wait, order yours today.

A special note about pre-orders:  If you purchase pre-order items with "in-stock" items, your entire order will NOT ship until this item is available. Unless you are willing to wait for your entire order to ship, it is recommended that you order ANY PRE-ORDER ITEM SEPARATELY.



Thursday, February 11, 2010

New Pink Paislee and Magnolia Rubber Stamps

If you haven't caught a glimpse of the New Pink Paislee lines, here's your chance to take a peek.  All 3 lines are currently on order and are expected to ship to retailers March 8, 2010.

Bayberry Cottage
Queen Bee
365 Degrees
We've also ordered the several element from the Artisan Collection

These new products will be up and online for pre-order on March 1, 2008... once we get closer to the shipping date.

In other exciting news... Magnolia's newly released images are on order and will be arriving soon.  Here are just a few of the Magnolia's that will be arriving at The Beary Scrap.  I'm too impatient to list them all - LOL.  Magnolia's will be available for pre-order later this weekend. 

Magnolia's will be available for pre-order this weekend. We are carrying limited quantities of each image.  Just like all the other products we carry... once they are gone, they are gone and won't be re-ordered. Don't wait to get yours!

We'll keep you posted on the latest items that will are bringing in. 

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Let it Snow, Let it Snow.... Okay, I'm done with it now!

The last snow storm skimmed right by us.  This time, we got snow.  I know, I know... I can hear all of you... "Be careful what you wish for!".  Yep, I asked for it.  And it came.  I love it!  I got my one good snowfall for the season.  I'm done now.  No more after this. {grins}.

Flake upon flake upon flake has fallen.  We now have anwhere from 10-12 inches of fluffy white stuff which is blowing all over the place causing drifts.  Our county has declared a state of emergency, and they've already cancelled school tomorrow.  Does anyone remember getting more snow than this in the past?  The world never stopped then.  Why now?  I suppose we must have forgotten how to handle this much snow at one time.

There was only ONE reason why I wanted snow...

I had to get a few of these pictures of my youngest enjoying her first "Real" playtime in the snow!

That is the *news* from Northeast PA.

I also have a beautiful card to share with you tonight.  This card was created by one of our dearest customers Rene Comstock.

Isn't it just adorable?  I love the Doodlebug Fancy Frills she used.  The glitter sure makes it sparkle and adds such a nice touch.  Rene has a store on Etsy that you can find HERE.  She also has a Facebook Page that you can find HERE.

Thank you Rene for sharing this adorable card with us.

And Thank you for stopping by.  Don't forget to hop on over to our DT Blog.  Lots of fun stuff will be happening over there in the upcoming weeks.  You'll want to become a follower so you don't miss out on any surprises!



Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Our Beary Scrappy Gals

I've been feeling a bit under the weather since yesterday, so I apologize for my late post.

I'm very excited to announce to you our very first online Design Team. 

Susan Killam - Design Team Coordinator
Gini Cagle - Designer
Jamie Cooper - Designer
Patricia Stewart - Designer

Be sure to go and visit their blogs.

Of course, we also have a few talented ladies that will be desingning for us right at the store too.  I'll be introducing you to them a little later.   

We are putting the finishing touches on our Beary Scrappy Gals Blog but you are welcome to hop on over their and bookmark it for future reference.  You won't want to miss the beautiful work these girls create!

I'm off to get the children to school.


Friday, February 5, 2010

Last day to apply...

Hello Friends! 

Today we celebrated my little girls 3rd birthday.  Where does the time go?  I think my dear hubby looks more depressed since our little girl is growing up.  I had to make some serious red-eye adjustments to this image since everyone was behind me with cameras too - LOL.  I may have to make some other tweeks to her eyes before I print this photo.  They just aren't "blue" enough.

And believe it or not, Lindsay's  hair was cut today - LOL.

On another note... I am REALLY jealous that everyone south of us is getting snow.  Feel free to send some up here to NE PA!  Girls, please don't yell at me tomorrow for saying that.  Seriously, all I want is one (just one) REALLY BIG snowfall before the end of winter.  We haven't had enough snow to take the kids out sleighriding.  I remember when we used to get LOTS of snow, they kind of snow they are getting in Maryland, Virginia, and so on.  The past few years it has been nothing but rain, sleet and ice.  Send us some snow, please... and most importantly, you gals stay safe, keep warm, and don't go out driving unless you absolutely have to.  If you have kids... go out and be a kid yourself.  Build a few snowmen, have a snowball fight, hop on a sled and fly! 

Speaking on snow, class is still on for tomorrow unless we get 5-6 inches of snow.  If you can't make it, just call the store.  Traci will glady teach the class again for anyone that will not be able to attend.

And finally, don't forget that tomorrow is the DT submission deadline.  We've received numerous applications and have seen amazing work from so many talented ladies.  I'd like to thank everyone for submitting to our first DT Call.  It has been an amazing process. I'm excited to see who our first online designers will be! 

There is still plenty of time to apply.  Just click on the "DT Call" logo on the right hand corner of this blog to read about the details.

Thanks so much for stopping by.  I'll have class highlights tomorrow night.



A Quick Edit...

I'm back... here is the edited eye color photo:

Can you tell the difference?  Wanna know how I did it?  There are so many ways to change eye color in Photoshop.  I used Elements 8 to make this adjustment.  This is a very simple and natural effect.
  1.  Zoom in on the eyes.
  2. Select the magnetic lasso tool.
  3. Make sure "add to selection" is chosen.
  4. "Lasso" each iris.
  5. Once you have the iris lassoed (is that even a word?),  go to "Layer" on the top, then "Copy via Layer", or click Ctrl "J".  This will create a new layer with just the selection you created. 
  6. On the layers panel, click on the "eye" or view for the main image.   You should see just the eyes now.
  7. Next, click on "Filter" from the menu bar.  Scroll down to other and click on "High Pass".
  8. For this image, I adjusted my setting to "20.0" and clicked okay.  You may need to play with it a bit.
  9. Bring the original image back by clicking in that same box so the "eye" or view reappears.
  10. Save and/or print your image.

I know this works well for blue eyes.  My girls have blue eyes and my son has brown eyes.  I have not had to make any adjustments to his eyes yet, but when I do, I will be sure to share.

I apologize for my lack of "technical terms" in this brief tutorial.  I'm an certainly not a whiz at photoshop, but I LOVE to play.  If you happen to stop by the store, I'll be happy to show you the demo.  For those of you in internet land, just google "photoshop eye tutorials" and you'll find tons of techniques.  I can't remember where I found this one but it is one I use regularly.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Highlights from our Saturday Night Crop

ello Friends.  Thanks for dropping by.  I had some time tonight to finally upload some photos from our Saturday Night Crop.  As usual, we all had a good time.  I didn't get home until 1:00am.  Oh, was I dragging on Sunday.

The gals all agreed it was okay to publish their photos, and I know they will all be thrilled to see themselves and their favorite pages displayed.  I'm honored that they have all allowed me to share with you.

Here are Michelle, Sharon, Shirly and Karen working hard on their pages!

Cheryl and Charlotte taking a break and admiring each others pages.

Tanya and Heidi... These girls are always prepared.

Next I asked to the girls to show off their favorite pages they created that nit. 

Charlotte displays these adorable pages of her Granddaugher.  She matched the blue shades to her granddaughters blue eyes, and boy did it make a statement! 

Karen had a hard time picking her favorite.  She says there isn't a page she's done that she doesn't love. They are all her favorite! This layout features her daughters pond... it is beautiful!

Shirly is ready for warm weather too.  I wanted to be where those pictures were taken!

Michelle shows off her favorite for the night too.  These pages were of her son with painted mustache... totally adorable.  The colors flow so beautifully.

And Cheryl, our Queen of the Crop!  I've gotta sneak in a few of my pictures for her to scrap.  I hope she doesn't notice - LOL.  Cheryl worked with the Origins line from Basic Grey all night.  These papers fit the theme of her trip to Tennesse so well.  I love those doily papers.  They look so elegant and make such a statement!

Last but not least, here is Sharon.  She created so many beautiful pages that night.  I had a hard time picking which one I liked the most.  These pages are for her daughter's B-day party.  You'll be seeing some more of her work in the upcoming weeks as she will be joining our in-store DT and inspiring all of us!

Heidi and Tanya said they weren't quite done.  They scrap like I do... I'll do what I can to get the layout together, then I take it home and add my title and journalling... but those pages always seem to sit longer than I anticipate - LOL.

Thank you kindly for swinging by.  A big "THANK YOU" to our croppers for allowing me to share with all of you!  {{{HUGS}}}

Don't forget... Sugar Rush Card Class this Saturday with Tracy.  We still have a few spots open.  The following Saturday Tracy will be featuring an Origin's Card Class.  Be sure to check out our class calendar for all upcoming events.


Monday, February 1, 2010

Design Team Call Extended!

Hi Everyone!  I'm making a really quick post tonight... believe it or not, I'm going to bed early. - Miracles do happen - LOL.

We are extending our Design Team Call until Saturday February 6.  I had several emails this weekend from many of you talented ladies that just caught the DT Call details.  Everyone is still welcome to submit their information.  We will be making our formal announcement pics on Monday, February 8!  WOW, the time has just flown by!

Thanks a bunch for all the wonderful submissions so far!

I'm off for some shut eye.