Friday, February 5, 2010

Last day to apply...

Hello Friends! 

Today we celebrated my little girls 3rd birthday.  Where does the time go?  I think my dear hubby looks more depressed since our little girl is growing up.  I had to make some serious red-eye adjustments to this image since everyone was behind me with cameras too - LOL.  I may have to make some other tweeks to her eyes before I print this photo.  They just aren't "blue" enough.

And believe it or not, Lindsay's  hair was cut today - LOL.

On another note... I am REALLY jealous that everyone south of us is getting snow.  Feel free to send some up here to NE PA!  Girls, please don't yell at me tomorrow for saying that.  Seriously, all I want is one (just one) REALLY BIG snowfall before the end of winter.  We haven't had enough snow to take the kids out sleighriding.  I remember when we used to get LOTS of snow, they kind of snow they are getting in Maryland, Virginia, and so on.  The past few years it has been nothing but rain, sleet and ice.  Send us some snow, please... and most importantly, you gals stay safe, keep warm, and don't go out driving unless you absolutely have to.  If you have kids... go out and be a kid yourself.  Build a few snowmen, have a snowball fight, hop on a sled and fly! 

Speaking on snow, class is still on for tomorrow unless we get 5-6 inches of snow.  If you can't make it, just call the store.  Traci will glady teach the class again for anyone that will not be able to attend.

And finally, don't forget that tomorrow is the DT submission deadline.  We've received numerous applications and have seen amazing work from so many talented ladies.  I'd like to thank everyone for submitting to our first DT Call.  It has been an amazing process. I'm excited to see who our first online designers will be! 

There is still plenty of time to apply.  Just click on the "DT Call" logo on the right hand corner of this blog to read about the details.

Thanks so much for stopping by.  I'll have class highlights tomorrow night.



A Quick Edit...

I'm back... here is the edited eye color photo:

Can you tell the difference?  Wanna know how I did it?  There are so many ways to change eye color in Photoshop.  I used Elements 8 to make this adjustment.  This is a very simple and natural effect.
  1.  Zoom in on the eyes.
  2. Select the magnetic lasso tool.
  3. Make sure "add to selection" is chosen.
  4. "Lasso" each iris.
  5. Once you have the iris lassoed (is that even a word?),  go to "Layer" on the top, then "Copy via Layer", or click Ctrl "J".  This will create a new layer with just the selection you created. 
  6. On the layers panel, click on the "eye" or view for the main image.   You should see just the eyes now.
  7. Next, click on "Filter" from the menu bar.  Scroll down to other and click on "High Pass".
  8. For this image, I adjusted my setting to "20.0" and clicked okay.  You may need to play with it a bit.
  9. Bring the original image back by clicking in that same box so the "eye" or view reappears.
  10. Save and/or print your image.

I know this works well for blue eyes.  My girls have blue eyes and my son has brown eyes.  I have not had to make any adjustments to his eyes yet, but when I do, I will be sure to share.

I apologize for my lack of "technical terms" in this brief tutorial.  I'm an certainly not a whiz at photoshop, but I LOVE to play.  If you happen to stop by the store, I'll be happy to show you the demo.  For those of you in internet land, just google "photoshop eye tutorials" and you'll find tons of techniques.  I can't remember where I found this one but it is one I use regularly.

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