Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Hubby is MY HERO!

My Hubby saved my computer!  Lots of hard work, determination, and hours on the phone with his I.T. support guy (Thanks Eddie), my computer and it's files will be saved!  Thank Goodness.  After pulling the old hard drive and giving it an external hook up, we were able to pull my files up on the mini laptop.  A new hard drive has been installed on my "work computer".  The entire computer has practically been rebuilt.  Once we finish loading all of my software and other programs, I'll be back up in running on the ole girl.  Then I can transfer my files back to the computer.... and YES, they are all backed up on 2 external sources.  I'm not taking anymore chances.

What a relief!


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Killam Creative said...

Holy cow, Kimm! It's great that Super-Hub was able to reverse this catastrophe.

M built a server that backs up each of our computers every night. Talk about piece of mind!