Thursday, November 22, 2012

Black Friday Sale - Biggest Sale of the Year!!!

Don't miss this one!  Our biggest sale of the year!!!  Sale starts at midnight EST.  Watch for additional flash sales to run throughout the day on Black Friday!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Closer Look: Inside Amy Tangerine Ready Set Go Daybooks

American Craft's new line designed by Amy Tangerine called Ready Set Go is in stock on the website.  I had received a lot of inquiries about what the inside pages look like.  I made a quick video to show you the inside of the new Documented, Yes Please and Mini Daybooks.

Here is the direct link to my youtube video:

You can check out the entire Amy Tangerine Ready Set Go Collection HERE in my shop.

Hope this was helpful.

Until next time,

A Closer Look: Inside the Pink Paislee Portfolio Album and Collection

Pink Paislee has released a new line called Portfolio.  I am in awe with this line.  Not just the paper, but the album and the embellishments that are in the collection.

In this video, I really don't cover the papers, but there is a much closer look at the album and the embellishments.  Hope you enjoy.

Here is a direct link to the video on youtube:

You can shop the entire collection HERE in my shop.

Until next time,

A Closer Look: 365 Smash Folio

When the K&Co 365 Smash Folio arrived, I had several request about with the inside pages looked like.  Well, I cold sit a photograph all 40 pages, but that would take forever.  I finally put myself out there a made a youtube video on the displaying all the purty pages of this new smash book.  I really had fun making it... and I made a few other videos too.

Here is the direct link:

You can pick up your new 365 Smash Folio HERE in my shop.

As you can hear my little girl in the background, and later make an appearance in the video, I hope you've enjoyed the preview.

Until next time.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

So many new goodies, and more coming soon!

I've had a lot going on here since my last blog post.  Some things will never change, I'm still a horrible blogger - LOL.  Loads of NEW products have come into the store.  New paper lines, a new acrylic pattern, new stamps, new washi tape, new daybooks, and a new smash book.  I almost always announce everything on facebook, forgetting that not everyone is on facebook.  There are still some pretty avid blog readers, including myself.  Since facebook has made even more pitiful changes, page views are done and the number of followers a post reaches is declining.  This hold true for any page owner.  Stupid facebook!  I guess I should get better at blogging, right?  Right!  This could be a long post.

When I submit new designs for stamps, I'm so impatient.  The process seems to take so long from start to finish.  From the time the final draft is submitted, to getting samples in and shipped out to my friends for testing, then placing the order and deciding the quantities to the knock on  my door from the postman with 4 huge boxes full of 5 new designs.  It's an exciting process... but me... I'm impatient - LOL.

As you can see, I've change our stamp logo.  It's still not reflected on our packaging.  I'm still trying to decide if I'm going to change the name of our stamp line.  I really love the bright colors
5 new stamps!  Available HERE
My dear friend, and partner in crime, Cathy tested these cuties out for me.  Seriously, Cathy does some of the most beautiful work I have ever seen.  Want to see these cuties in action?  Head on over to Cathy's blog HERE and check it out.


Impatience.  I talked about that earlier.  As much as I keep reminding myself that "good things come to those who wait" it doesn't always sink in.  I'm sure that  most of you can agree.  For those of you that have been ever so patient with me, I hope it has been worth the wait.  If you missed the newsletter and you don't follow us on facebook you haven't seen my latest BSD Acrylic TB pattern.  Named by my 5 year old little Princess...  Please welcome Princess Unicorn to our TB Critter Family.

 Instead of loading a bunch of photos, let me just finish by telling you what paper lines are new in the store.

 What's New...
  • American Crafts Amy Tangerine Ready Set Go Collection
  • Pink Paislee Portfolio Collection
  • K&Co 365 Smash Folio
  • Studio Calico Yearbook Collection
  • Lots of Washi Tape
  • Halloween Collection from Echo Park and Authentique
I'm positive I missed some.  There are also loads of items that have been added to the clearance section.  I add more weekly.  Gotta keep making room for all the new stuff coming in.

What's Coming Soon...
  •  Pink Paislee City Sidewalks
  • Studio Calico Wonderland
  • American Crafts Dear Lizzy 5th and Frolic
  • Sn@p by Simple Stories
  • Echo Park Photo Freedom
  • Echo Park Winter Wishes
  • October Afternoon Midway
Delivery dates on all the above mentioned products are between now and mid October.  I promise to make a blog post when each product arrives.

Until next time.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Pre-Order Point & Click Camera Icon Stamps

Hey there Sweet Peeps! 

Point & Click Camera Icon stamps are now available for pre-order.  I expect to have them in hand no later than Monday, July 30.  Check out the details here.

Be sure to check out the CLEARANCE department.  I've been adding more sweet goodness to it.  I NEED to make room for all the new products I have ordered, so you are surely getting a STEAL!

Until next time.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Beary Sweet Stamps Have Arrived!

They are finally here - and yes, I did squeal when they arrived - LOL.  It's seems like it's been forever since I designed these cute stamps and sent them out for testing.  All that waiting for them to arrive... ugh!  But they are here and available to order in the shop.

These mini stamps are perfect for scrapbooking, journal cards, and of course SMASHING (not literally, I mean smash books - LOL)

I'm hoping to be able to release one or 2 new mini stamps a month, so lets all keep our fingers crossed.  I have quite a few designs I'm working on and 2 ready to go out for a trial run.

Wanna check them out...  CLICK HERE to purchase them.  Don't wait to long, these are seriously flying out the door.

Be sure to check out the clearance section.  I'll be adding to it daily.  Out with the old, and getting ready for the new.

Until next time.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Spring Cleaning Update...

Good Morning Beary Sweet Peeps.  I'm getting through my Spring Cleaning event for the shop  I thought I would take a moment and update you on all the GREAT savings that are underway.  Don't worry, there is still much more to come over the next 2 weeks.

Here is your line up.  I will warn you... don't wait too long to place your order.  These prices are HOT, HOT, HOT!  Click on the link to the category.  Items are already flying off the shelves.

Bo Bunny - 50% OFF

Basic Grey - 75% OFF

Pink Paislee - 50% OFF

ALL Clearance Papers - 80% OFF


Please keep in mind, when I run sales like this where there is controlled inventory involved, you may miss out.  Do NOT let your cart sit.  Just because the item is in your cart doesn't mean that it's yours just yet. Some one else can snag it before you check out. Our product inventory does not reduce from the website until you pass through checkout.  In the event that this happens, I do issue refunds for the out of stock items. - Thank you.

Until Next Time

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Washi Tape is Here!

Hello Beary Sweet Peeps!  I am super excited to bring you the latest trend in paper crafting.  We just took our first shipment of Japanese Washi Tape yesterday.  This stuff is so fun to use, and there are so  many fun ways to use it.  Adds the perfect decorative touch to your scrapbook pages, smash pages, cards and much, much more!

This is just the first shipment we took.  We have lots more fun prints and patterns on the way. 

We also have Trendy Tape (same thing as washi tape) in stock from Queen & Company.  Check out all the fun prints and patterns at The Beary Scrap HERE.

Until next time

Thursday, April 19, 2012


That's right.  It's spring cleaning time and first on our list is COPIC.  I love these markers, but unfortunately, I've decided that we will no longer be carrying them.  Rock bottom prices.  Once they are gone, they are gone.  Limited quantities remaining.  Check them out HERE.

Keep watch on on facebook page for more amazing prices on inventory I'm clearancing at rock bottom prices!  Our annual Spring Cleaning Sale is underway!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Hello Beary Sweet Friends!  I've been a bit busy lately with business chores, the kids, and making invitations for my baby sister's bridal shower that I still (yes, still) haven't had time to finished up the new patterns yet.  *sigh* I'm really hoping to get them finished this weekend, but these bridal shower invitation are taking presidents since they have to go out in the mail next week.  Oh, did I mention there is tons of cutting, gluing together, and that there are 66 of them!!!  YIKES!  My little sister (I have 2 of them) will be helping me get these invites done on Thursday so I can get this huge task off my to-do list.  I can't wait to post pictures of them when we get them finished.  The idea was to keep them simple, but I do nothing simple in my world... LOL.

Enough of that... time for the good stuff....

That's right, the entire new line of Smash*ing goodness has arrived in the store!  I am so in love with this product line, and the entire concept of "smashing".

Pretty Pocket Smash Folio (large)
Swatch Smash Tape

Top 10 Smash Pad
This is just a preview of some of my favorite new goodies.  You can check out the entire line of SMASH*ing goodness HERE.  Always at our Beary Sweet prices (aka, below retail cost). *wink*

How about some COUPON CODES!!!  I have 2 for you.  The first is for U.S. Orders ONLY!  (Sorry, international orders using this code will be cancelled)  Use the below code to activate FREE SHIPPING on your domestic order of $50.00 or more.  This code will expire Saturday, March 31 at midnight eastern time.

And finally, available to BOTH US and International customers, take $10.00 off your order of $60.00 or more by using the below coupon code.  This code will expire Saturday, March 31 at midnight eastern time.

Until Next Time...

Thursday, March 8, 2012

SMASH SALE ALERT! We are getting ready to receive all the new SMASH* products in the next week or so. Ship date to retailers is March 15. Need a SMASH* book? We've got you covered! In stock SMASH* folios are on sale!!! $7.99, and the Mini SMASH* is only $4.99!!! Sale ends Friday at midnight eastern time! Hurry up and grab yours, stock is VERY limited!
Click HERE to start shopping!  Don't forget... all other SMASH* related products are ALWAYS below the suggested retail price.  Check them out HERE!  So what are you waiting for!  Sale ends Friday, March 9, 2012 at midnight, eastern time.

Until next time...

Monday, March 5, 2012

TBS Classified Facebook Fan Page...

Hello Beary Sweet Friends!  I wanted to let everyone know I have created a new facebook fan page for all of you talented TBS artists to connect with other designers and potential clients for selling your creations using patterns ONLY from The Beary Scrap and our sister site, Beary Sweet Designs.

I'll be honest with you, I'm very particular about our TBS fan page.  I prefer to stay neutral between sellers and buyers alike.  I wanted to create a place for both sellers and buyers to connect without interrupting  The Beary Scrap's daily business of connecting with you, our valued customers.   And... I'll be quite honest with you, I don't like our fan page getting cluttered with ebay, etsy, yard seller, etc. links.  I won't even post my links on the TBS fan page when I'm running ebay auctions - LOL.  So in all fairness to everyone, I WILL remove, hide, delete any link or tag relative to selling a TBS paper piecing posted on the TBS fan page.  This is why I have created "The Beary Scrap Classified".

Click to Visit and Share!
 I do hope that you will continue to share your beautiful creations with everyone on  the TBS fan page wall.  (Images only)  I simply ask that you not post links to auctions, sales, or tag TBS with prices on your creation.  With the new timeline feature on facebook launching and many of us being forced to make the change over (which I'm not liking one bit), it makes finding information about TBS related stuff on the TBS facebook wall a lot more confusing.

I hope you all will come join us in the fun on our new Classified Fan Page.  Share your sales, your success, ask for advise.  I hope that we can make it a joyous sharing experience for everyone.   I can't wait to see what you are all creating.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at

Thanks for your time and understanding.

Until next time.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A SMASH*ING SALE... and then some

Hey there Smash*aholics!!!  It's sale time!!!  OH YEAH!

... and if you are a member of the SMASH*aholics Facebook Group located HERE, you'll have a chance to win a great bundle package of SMASH* products.  Check out this FABULOUS Give-a-way being offered to the group members.  You must be a SMASH*aholic Group member and follow the rules of the give-a-way for your chance to win this great stash.  The rules:

  1. Be a Smash*aholic group member HERE (it's addicting - just saying)
  2. Become a follower of this blog.
  3. Like  The Beary Scrap on Facebook.  HERE 
  4. Post under the image on the Smash*aholic's FB Fan page informing us that you completed the task.

The give-a-way at SMASH*aholics is running for 2 weeks.  You can comment here, but it's not going to enter you into the contest.  Follow the rules above.

Not a member of SMASH*aholics ... come check us out HERE.  This group is full of fabulous members, much fun, and breath-taking inspiration!

Unitil Next Time... Happy Smashing!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

New Patterns and a Mystery Pattern


It's been quite some time since I've made any new acrylic patterns.  I'm so pleased to announce that I have 5 brand new patterns available in our store for pre-order... and at a special weekend bundle price too.

If you pre-order any of our new patterns between now and January 31, you will also receive a new Mystery Pattern!  Doesn't matter if you order the bundle  or just a single pattern... you'll get this cuties for free.

Until Next Time

Friday, January 20, 2012

SMASH* Books are HERE!!!

Do you SMASH*!  Do you know what SMASH* is?  Well to put it simply, it is a quick and simple approach to scrapbooking and journaling.  It's the latest craze right now, and it is addicting!  My girls and I started Smashing before Christmas, and what fun it is.  I can't seem to capture the time to sit down and scrapbook a full 12x12 layout, but Smashing... I can do that.  Just a few minutes and I've got a page.  A page about whatever I want it to be.  Whether it is pictures, a daily journal entry, likes, dislikes, rants, images of stuff I/we like, pictures of the kids... it is whatever I (and you) decide to make of it.

I find smashing to be so much more personal than plain old scrapbooking.  One day when I'm gone, my kids won't just be going back to read my old diaries from when I was in my 20's, but they will now have something more vivid, much more personal, and more my style to cherish forever.  They just might get to know me a little bit better than they thought they did.  Talk about a great family heirloom, right?

Here is one of my pages from my smash book:

Yes, I love my coffee!  Can't  you tell???

I am so thrilled to tell you that we are now carrying a full line of SMASH* products at The Beary Scrap.  You can find them all HERE at great prices, as always.

Need more information on what a Smash Book is.  Check out this video from K&Company.

Until Next Time...  Keep Smiling!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Patricia's Tear Bear Video Tutorial

I was so excited the other night when Patricia from Patty's Crafty Spot did a video tutorial on how she makes her Tear Bears using our Beary Sweet Designs Acrylic Patterns from The Beary Scrap.

Sending a HUGE Thank You to Patricia for this awesome tutorial that demonstrates just how easy our patterns are to work with.

I'm sure you will all enjoy this tutorial.