Monday, June 11, 2012

Beary Sweet Stamps Have Arrived!

They are finally here - and yes, I did squeal when they arrived - LOL.  It's seems like it's been forever since I designed these cute stamps and sent them out for testing.  All that waiting for them to arrive... ugh!  But they are here and available to order in the shop.

These mini stamps are perfect for scrapbooking, journal cards, and of course SMASHING (not literally, I mean smash books - LOL)

I'm hoping to be able to release one or 2 new mini stamps a month, so lets all keep our fingers crossed.  I have quite a few designs I'm working on and 2 ready to go out for a trial run.

Wanna check them out...  CLICK HERE to purchase them.  Don't wait to long, these are seriously flying out the door.

Be sure to check out the clearance section.  I'll be adding to it daily.  Out with the old, and getting ready for the new.

Until next time.