Saturday, November 14, 2009

Teddy Bear Card

Oh, I forgot that I have a card to share with you too.  I originally did this card for a challenge, but I can't remember which one - LOL.  Even so, I'm pretty sure I missed the deadline for it.  I didn't add a sentiment because I wasn't sure what I wanted it to say.  Besides, I can't find my sentiment stamps at the moment.

So what do you think of the stamp?  Well, it is a digi stamp.  Do you know from what company?  How about The Beary Scrap.  Yep, I created this one.  How cool is that.  He looks familiar, now doesn't he?  He's gonna need a name so if you have any suggestions, please leave a comment.

Here is another view of the card.  I also finished the inside.

I've got one more for you... although I still need to complete the "card part".

Another Kimm Original!  I stickled this one up pretty good - LOL.

I know what you are all thinking... Could I possibly take on another project?  Some might think I have ADD - LOL. Could be possible, but not likely. I just like to dabble with all things related to paper!  Besides, I have created so many bear patterns and piecings over the years that most of the "hard work" is already behind me.  Since I've been having so much fun coloring, I figured I'd color some of my own "sketches" once I turned them into high quality images for digi stamps.  OH, what fun!

Once I figure out how to work the download system on the website shopping cart, you'll be seeing some Beary Sweet "Digi" Stamps by Kimm showing up :).  I have 2 more in the final stages of "production" right now too. ;)

I hope you like them.


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