Monday, November 23, 2009

Copic Certified!

Hey Everyone!

I'm finally HOME!  Nearly 24 hours in the ole Yukon is for the birds!  But you know, it was soooo worth it, and in so many ways.

I spent 11.5 hours in the car with my dear hubby driving to South Carolina just so I could become a Copic Certified Designer and teach you all so many awesome things that you can do with these markers.  Sure, it was a long haul, but the benefits were above and beyond!

Sally Lynn was amazing.  What an honor to be in company of her talent, and the talent of so many other wonderful women! 

Not only did I get to make some new friends, and be in the company of so many talented women, but I finally got an opportunity to meet up with an old friend for the first time!  The pic below is me and my dear friend Ivy, who owns Scrappin' Happily Every After in SC just outsite of Charleston.  We didn't get much time to spend together, but we "gab" on the phone quite a bit.  Hey, us girls gotta keep up with the latest trends is scrapbooking and paper crafting, ya know. {wink}. 

I know this won't be our first time meeting up as we are planning on attending CHA in Chicago coming up in July!  OH Yeah, we are taking the hubbies too.

And yes, I was having a VERY bad, flat hair day!  It was raining ALL DAY! Not to mention, it rained all the way home too! 

Tuesday will be back to normal... well almost normal!  Black Friday is approaching pretty fast here and I've gotta finish up our class schedule for December.

Thanks for dropping by tonight.  See you all at the shop!


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