Monday, April 19, 2010

Scrap a Science Fair Project

Today I spent my entire day preparing my daughter's Science Fair Project Display.  Let me tell you... this was NOT what I had planned on doing my whole day.  You would "think" the "men" would have stepped up to the plate this weekend (since I'm at the shop all weekend) and "maaaaayyyy-beeeee" taken some of the load of Mom.  Sure, Abby could have helped out to by saying "Hey, my project is due on Tuesday!"  Of course we know neither took place.  Either way, we had already conducted the experiment 2 weeks ago.  It was simply a matter of preparing our results for presentation.  We were instucted:   "No Kits", "No Large Displays", No Messy Projects", and "No Explosives", and on and on.  Everything must be built from scratch.  Hmmm???  Right up my alley!  I love a good challenge.  Since we were not provided with ideas about what types of projects were permitted, we spent a least a week on internet research.  I NEVER had to do a science fair project when I was in school - our school (the same one my daughter attends) never did them back then.  This was a completely new territory for me.  It seems the parents have to do ALL the work when it comes to these sorts of projects.

Anyway, we added some "Beary Scrap Flair" to her science fair project.  You guessed it, we scrapped it!  It's nothing extravigant, but it was fun to be able to help my daughter with this.  Here is the finished result:

Sorry for the terrible picture, but I think you get the idea.  Everything was matted on Bazzill Cardstock.  We picked up the dispay board at Staples. The letters were cut with my cutting machine.  We then measured and positioned every one of them - not easy task with a 3 year old running off with your letters - LOL.  The little "Spuds" I designed in my cutting software.  The kids and I assembled them.  I think they turned out pretty cute for a last minute idea.

So when in doubt, or you are looking for some scrapbook therapy, just look for your kiddos upcoming projects.  You'll have no excuse when in comes down to finding some "Scrap Time" when it's manditory - LOL... Plus, it's awesome time to spend with your munchkins!

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Susan ~ Killam Creative said...

This is great, and I LOVE the taters!


Anonymous said...

That is so beautiful Kimm... I think you did a wonderful job.