Saturday, April 10, 2010

In Control...

not me, but my daughter is!  This week has been so "out of control" and stressful to say the least.  So much so that I had to break away and MAKE time for myself to wind down and escape.  I decided to put a few things aside and do something relaxing, something to feel good about and make me smile.  YES, I actually did a scrapbook page!  Even more surprising I finished it completely... with journaling, and it didn't take me much time at all.  I am notorious for not completing my pages.  I've been known to have a pile of pages sitting and waiting for titles or journaling.  But I am proud to say that I finished one!  YEAH ME!

I love Bo Bunny, but I'm also overwhelmed by the new lines that are out.  There is way too much available from many of our wonderful vendors that we just can't carry it all.  We do our best to pick out what we think you will LOVE.  With that said, we will be bringing in 2 of the new lines in the upcoming weeks.  Before we ran out of Calypso, I had to grab a few sheets for myself.
Since I haven't been my normal "creative" self lately so I chose to take the "easy way out" and utilized a sketch from Page Maps's April Newsletter.  I love Becky's sketches.  She makes scrapbooking easy for those of us with limited time.  If you haven't visited her website, I highly encourage you to check it out!  The hardest part is picking you papers and developing a color scheme and balance that is eye appealing - and corresponds with your photo. So yes, there is still a bit of creativity involved.  *grins*

So I had my sketch and I picked my papers, then I went looking for a photo to use.  Yes, a little backwards, but I am so far behind on my scrapbooking that it really doesn't matter.  I was sure to find a few pictures that would match this paper - LOL.  I picked this picture of my Ms. Lindsay, who loves to steal the remote controls for all the televisions in the house.  She's a little devil. 

The layout is pretty straight forward and simple... not alot of "wow" but enough to draw in the eye and still not take away from the focal point (or photo).  Of course, I can't create anything without using a Martha Stewart Border Punch.  Oh, I'm hooked on them!

Thanks for stopping by!

Hugs & Smiles

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Susan ~ Killam Creative said...

Sweet little Lindsay is such a munchkin! She's just daring you to try to grab one. (How do you keep track of these - they're identical!)

Love this layout! Did you dress her in a Calypso-matching shirt, or was it coincidental? Haha! It's a perfect match. :)