Sunday, January 3, 2010

First Crop of 2010!

We started off 2010 with a Bang!  Tonight was to first crop of 2010.  We had such a great evening and the girls made out on a Prima Binge!

Now that the holidays have come and gone, Sandy and I simply didn't have the energy left to prepare games for tonight... so we gave the girls a box full of Prima Flowers and told them to "have at it!"  And they did...

Just dump the box on the floor and have fun!  I love Prima Flowers, and did the same thing myself just the other day!  Whoo hoo!

Don't those flowers look YUMMY?

The Girls got lots accomplished tonight too.  One of our favorite pages of the evening was created by Charlotte.  Charlotte has been scrapping with us for a few months now.  She started off as a beginner scrapbooker.  And now... well you be the judge...

She's been putting together their family's Disney Vacation for her granddaugher.  Watching the progression of this album has been amazing.  Charlotte, keep up the amazing work!

I'll be back tomorrow to post a card that I was working on tonight.

Feel free to post a commet or drop us an email.  Of course, we love seeing your creatings, so feel free to send us your pics and we will be happy to post them here for the world to see.

Next Crop:  Saturday, January 30 from 5pm to 11pm

Mommy & Me Crop:  February 13

  • Morning Class:  10am-Noon

  • Afternoon Class:  2pm-4pm

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