Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Blog Changes...

Hello Friends!  Wow, we have so much exciting things planned over the next few weeks!  I can "bearly bear" to keep it all a secret - but you will know soon enough. :)

You'll notice that the blog is a bit "cleaner" than usual.  Kinda nice, eh?  Well, I've decided to keep this blog just for store news, design team updates, product releases, tutorials, BLOG CANDY and GAMES.  You know, that FUN stuff.  I won't be posting my creations here as often anymore.  Don't be sad... I only moved to a new blog, one that I started a year ago with the plans of migrating my personal creations somewhere I could call my own.  I have got to tell you, it feels good to have my own identity now.

If you want to come "stalk" me, I would LOVE to see you there.  I'm getting a bit lonely in my new adobe.  You can find my new blog HERE.

Thanks for stopping by... exciting news is coming very soon.  Be sure to stay with us HERE... and come follow me personally over THERE.


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