Monday, March 8, 2010

Peace Pipe Anyone???

Hey Friends! 

I know many of our in-store followers get a giggle at the stories I tell about my children.  Keep in mind, if I took everything in my life seriously, the stress would kill me... so we (my husband and I) both try take a different approach and look at things differently.  Obviously, this is wearing off on our 3 year old.

This weekend Ms. Lindsay was awful sick.  Drippy nose, runny eyes, terrible cough, and wheezing.  That's only some of it.  I spare you the gross parts - LOL.  By Sunday, she was a BEAR.  I'm not talking one of those cute fuzzy tear bear either. 

So Monday morning, we are off to the doctor's office.  2 hours later, after an full exam and breathing treatment, it was time to go for chest x-rays.  Diagnosis:  Lindsay has infections in both ears, a sinus infection, and pnuemonia!  Now, you would never know she was so sick by the way she runs around and plays.  Sunday was the only day she wasn't quite herself.  Today, she was as chipper as can be, greeting everyone no matter where we were.  Given the severity of her condition, she should be in the hospital, but her doctor and I both agreed she was best to be treated here at home.

Tonight we were giving her a breating treatment before bed...

We've been calling her nebulizer "Magic Dragon Puffs", but tonight she called it a "Peace Pipe".  She even makes this look like fun.  She posed and smiled for every picture I took.  She's such a ham. 

Another way to take a bad situation and have fun with it.  My daughter is learning early.

Have a great day everyone!


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mysweetpaperdreams said...

Gosh, she has grown SOOO much!! She is a doll, I hope she is feeling better.

Tammie :)