Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Pre-School Orientation

Seems the more children you have, the more time you spend in the Hospital's Emergency Room. Yep, burned over 5 hours last night waiting, and waiting, and waiting. Can you guess which one of my little munchkins it was? It was Ms. Lindsay. She developed a pretty high fever Sunday night (well, 2am) that quickly went away with Motrin. Well, the following night she broke out with a rash all over her face and back. It seemed to come and go and didn't bother her at all. Last night, it looked worse. And to top it off, she hasn't been eating and her temp was running around 95.... so off the the ER we went.

Turns out to be Roseola... figured it was, but with all the YUCK going around these days, you can never be to cautious. Doc said it was okay for her to go to school today too... OH MY... my baby is starting school! It was only 30 minutes where she was able to meet 1/2 the class and the parents were able to talk with the teacher.

I thought I would have been crying over my youngest growing up. I'm sure that will be Monday when she attends her "real" first day. Nonetheless, there were tears alright... but not because of that. My old neighbor, best friend, whom I haven't seen in years was there with her little girl. I couldn't believe it! Our girls are in the same class!!! We have lots of catching up to do!

Well not to bore you all even more... here are some pics of the kids first day's of school.

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