Friday, January 20, 2012

SMASH* Books are HERE!!!

Do you SMASH*!  Do you know what SMASH* is?  Well to put it simply, it is a quick and simple approach to scrapbooking and journaling.  It's the latest craze right now, and it is addicting!  My girls and I started Smashing before Christmas, and what fun it is.  I can't seem to capture the time to sit down and scrapbook a full 12x12 layout, but Smashing... I can do that.  Just a few minutes and I've got a page.  A page about whatever I want it to be.  Whether it is pictures, a daily journal entry, likes, dislikes, rants, images of stuff I/we like, pictures of the kids... it is whatever I (and you) decide to make of it.

I find smashing to be so much more personal than plain old scrapbooking.  One day when I'm gone, my kids won't just be going back to read my old diaries from when I was in my 20's, but they will now have something more vivid, much more personal, and more my style to cherish forever.  They just might get to know me a little bit better than they thought they did.  Talk about a great family heirloom, right?

Here is one of my pages from my smash book:

Yes, I love my coffee!  Can't  you tell???

I am so thrilled to tell you that we are now carrying a full line of SMASH* products at The Beary Scrap.  You can find them all HERE at great prices, as always.

Need more information on what a Smash Book is.  Check out this video from K&Company.

Until Next Time...  Keep Smiling!


Melissa Craig said...

What fun!! I really enjoyed the video and this sounds like a great idea! I am certainly hooked on your store, your products and the fun stuff you have to offer.

Definitely a new fan!

Anonymous said...

wow! such SMASHing news! im a virgin SMASHer and think it looks like so much fun. This is the thing i have been looking for. Im just waiting for my books to arrive and then i guess nothing can ever stop me,lol. and now i know where to shop. hugs!

Shannon said...

I LOVE SMASH books for the same reason! The idea of scrapping an entire page, I just cannot find the time. But the Smash book is the perfect size and I can Smash about anything!

Nani said...

I linked to this post in my blog, The Chronicles of Nani. I don't Smash yet, but I'm going to soon! Thanks for the inspiration!

Nani said...

I linked to this post in my blog, The Chronicles of Nani. I don’t Smash yet, but I’m going to soon! Thanks for the inspiration!

Roxy said...

I love this page, just wanted you to know that I pinned it! Here's the link: