Wednesday, April 13, 2011

FREE Easter Digi Sentiment Stamp!

Hello Beary Sweet Friends!  I know I've been scarce on this neck of the woods, but it is with good reason.  Since we had some improvement in the weather here in PA, and my husband actually had a few hours off of work (only a few hours on Sundays), we've been sorting through stuff from the old brick and mortar shop.  I've been liquidating loose inventory on ebay, and hubby emptied the covered trailer that we've been using for storage to see what all is left to get rid of.  It's not as bad as we thought, but we are still sitting on a few displays and hundreds of paper trays.  If you know a store looking for some, please send them my way - LOL.  I don't know what to do with them all.  I figure by the time summer is here, we should be cleaned out and *hopefully* be back to some sort of normalcy and a lot less stuff (fingers crossed).  It was a bit sad to see everything stacked up in storage, but with the way life is for us right now, EVERYTHING has seemed to make sense and fell into place at the right time.  God doesn't make mistakes and I know he knew what he was doing when we *had* to close the location.  We were fortunate enough to follow the signs and take the right path.  All things happen for a reason, so I have been told... and believe.  On a good note, I finally found my new sewing machine that I LOVE because it does all sorts of crazy stitching.  I've only used it about 5 times, but I played with it a lot and love all of the features it has.  I can't wait to start using it again!

Anyway, I had to take a "creative break", so I made a quick digi stamp for you (and me - hehehe).  I hope to have a few more finished up later this week.  No promises though - LOL.

.png image with no white background
.jpeg image (white background)
As always, they can be resized in whatever program you are using.  The work great in MS Word too.  Just print and punch or cut out.

Oh... I almost forgot!  We have new Pink Paislee papers in the store.  I wasn't thrilled with 2 of their new lines, so I didn't get them :(.  If you want them, let me know... but I DID order Butterfly Garden which is absolutely AMAZING!  The Ladies have already been playing with these papers.  Um... WOW!!!  Take a look...
Layout created by Gini
Card created by Patricia.
Sweet!!!  I am out of basically all of the embellishments, but they are on re-order.  This line is HOT, HOT, HOT!  Does it tickle your fancy?  If so, check them out HERE.

Maybe one more thing before I go... how about some COUPON CODES?  Would you like some?  Really???  Well, okay then.  Here it goes, and here is why.  It is SPRING!  That means summer is just around the corner.  Our first daffodil bloomed today, and that brought a HUGE smile to my face.  I wish summer would last as long as this past winter did.  Granted, we are dealing with a lot of rain right now; however, April Showers Bring May Flowers and I can't wait to see leaves on the trees and flowers blooming in my flower beds!  Enough gibber-jabber... here are your COUPON CODES for our shop...

  • Save 5% off your order of $25.00 or more use APRIL
  • Save 10% off your order of $50.00 or more use SHOWERS
  • Save 15% off your order of $75.00 or more use BRING
  • Save 20% off your order of $100.00 or more use MAY
  • Save 25% off your order of $150.00 or more us FLOWERS

Thanks so much for stopping by!


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