Thursday, March 24, 2011

New Echo Park Playground and more!!!

Hello our Beary Sweet Friends!  Happy Thursday to you all.  Really, is it Thursday?  Someone told me it was also Spring too but I have yet to believe them.  Yesterday morning we awoke to 10 inches of stinking SNOW!  I wish someone had told me it was supposed to snow.  Last I had heard (that was Sunday, btw) we were getting a dusting to 2 inches.  Abby came to my room and giggled me that she was ready to head downstairs for breakfast.  I woke up Lindsay, then Doug and headed down the steps for a much needed cup of java.  When I rounded the corner at the base of the steps, I glimpsed out the window and saw white!  What?  Really?  The road wasn't even plowed!  At this point I'm thinking, why didn't I hear the phone for the school delay.  Seriously?  Am I supposed to send the kidlets to school in this?  So I asked Abby if she noticed all the snow outside.  Well, she didn't either.  Silly me should have taken the cordless phone back to the bedroom when I was done with it because I never heard the phone call cancelling school.  5:30 am they called.  Darn it!!!  I could have slept in!!!  So the kidlets were home all day and I had a ton of work to do.  We had fun though.  Another snow day.  I think that is number 9 for the year.  I lost count.  Oh, and there was no way I was heading to the post office yesterday.  The rest of the day was full of freezing rain, snow and sleet.  Certainly didn't want the go driving out on the streets with the kids.  Today was a big shipping day!!!  Sorry if I'm a day late getting your orders out.  I know you all understand.

Why don't we talk about something happy!  We have got a lot of fabulous new products in the store.  (clapping) Guess what came today?  Echo Park's new Playground Collection.  OMG, this line is too cute!

Here is a sampling for you.

Stop drooling on your keyboard.  You know I caught you. LOL.  Check out the entire collection HERE.  You know you want it and we are happy to give it to you for 20% off the regular list price.  Why???  Because we LOVE YOU!

New 6x6 Paper Pads 

  • Prima Marketing:  Fairy Flora, Sweet Fairy, Madeline, Sparkling Spring, Melody, Reflections, Botanical, Annaleen, and Reflections.  3 from 
  • Cosmo Cricket:  Salt Air, Upcycle, and Salt Air.  
  • Bo Bunny:  Ad Libs, Blast Off, and Vicki B.  (Gabrielle and Timepiece are on backorder and will arrive soon)
Check them all out HERE!

Restock on Popular Items:

Scor Tape
Grey Mulberry Paper
White Mulberry Paper
Bright White Mulberry Paper
Other various colors.
(more coming soon)

Why don't we end this on a warm and fuzzy note.  This is what I would like the weather to be like her in PA

My Baby Sister Mandy (aka "The Princess"), My Dad, and Me!  (Phillies Spring Training Stadium)
Hubby and my Daddy. (Phillies Spring Training Stadium)

Clearwater Beach!  Doug, Abby, Me, Dad, Lindsay and Hubby.

Until next time!

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