Friday, August 6, 2010

Pink ATG Update: GOOD NEWS!!!

I received some VERY good news today!  The long awaiting PINK ATG's are being released from the warehouse today. I WILL have them either Tuesday or Wednesday next week!!  All pre-orders that were paid in full will be processed and shipped immediately upon receipt.  All orders placed at our retail store will be available for pick up on no earlier than FRIDAY, August 13.

I also have extras coming in, along with some cancelled orders that will increase our inventory/availability.  I will have them available online as soon as all the pre-orders are filled and inventory is taken.

Thank goodness, this nightmare is almost over. Thanks for hanging in there girls!


Lisa said...

I so ready for mine...I can't wait.

Rosy C. said...

Thanks soo much Kimm for the Update on our orders for the Pink ATG. I am soo ready to use mine too!!! SWEET CREATIONS!!!