Saturday, July 17, 2010

Summer and Beach Tear Bears

Hello Friends!

So many hot summer days put me in a groove of making some (actually a lot) of summer fun tear bears. I have had so much fun making teddies again that I simply can't stop.  I'm not promising that this will be a regular thing again.  Of course, I'd much rather be soakin' up some sun poolside in the afternoon, that's for sure.  But for now I'll enjoy the air conditioned store and some time to be creative and reconnect with "Teddy" again.

So here are the cuties that have been keeping me occupied...

Beach Swimsuit Model

Bikini Popsicle Girl

Swimsuit Popsicle Girl

Summer Popsicle Boy

Pineapple Drink Sundress Girl

And last but not least...

Popsicle Penny Penguin Set of 3

Buy the way, the pattern for Penny Penguin will be released July 25 along with...

All of the above Summer Tear Bears can be found HERE on Ebay.  They are up for auction for 5 days.  We are hoping their sales will help support the purchase of a new refrigerator for the store.  Our 2 year old fridge broke and we are in desperate need of a new one.

Thanks a bunch for stopping by!



Leanne said...

Hey Kimm! I love your blog!! I entered the lastest challenge and by mistake I deleted my entry I was looking for your email address but couldn't find it but I really, really, really wanted to enter this challenge I love the Bo Bunny paper!!! Here is my link to mine (I had submitted before the deadline) I feel so dumb and honestly don't know how I deleted my entry I just clicked on it and the next thing I know it was poof it was gone!!
My email is
Thanks!! Leanne

Anonymous said...

Hey Leann! You should be able to resubmitt your link. The link system that we use allows entries to be deleted by the submitter - don't worry, I did it too for some of our in store submissions - LOL.