Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mocha Mulberry Paper being Discontinued...

We received notice from our mulberry paper manufacturer informing us that they will be discontinuing the production of their MOCHA mulberry paper. Apparently, there have been several problems with controlling the consistency in color, texture and thickness. (Honestly, I must say "NO Kidding" - LOL). Because of these factors, their production line will no longer be making this color.

Once our stock is sold out, we will no longer be carrying MOCHA. This change will effect other sellers that are supplied by this manufacturer as well.

If you are a MOCHA bear artist, you will need to switch to CARAMEL. This color was generally 1 shade darker than MOCHA. Honestly, from our last order, I see no difference in either color. We just know the difference becauase we label every package that comes in with the color and product number.

If you are worried about switching colors, relax. It's okay. CARAMEL is the color I have always used in making my bear for the past several years, and is the color that I recommend to all of our clients. It's our best selling tear bear color. If you are making the switch, you'll be delighted with the color, feel, texture and ease of tearing this paper. It's my favorite.

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