Monday, August 24, 2009

Finally... Updating our Mulberry Paper Inventory!

Sorry I've been MIA, but we've been super busy. As most of you have ready, we had some issues with getting our last shipment of Mulberry Paper in. I've learned an awful lot about importing by overseas cargo boat. I think the next time will be much easier.

Well, we *had* good news on Monday, but when the paper arrived on Wednesday, so did the *paperwork* and a notice from Customs that our shipping containers and merchandise lacked the all important *Country of Origin* mark and we could not sell it! Who would have thought. If it wasn't one thing, it was another. But, now I know what to expect and how to help prevent things from going wrong.

After a complete emotional break down, and a pleasant conversation with our US Inspector, I was able to make the required corrections by adding a *Made in Thailand* label each and every package of paper. We already label each pack by color, so adding *Made in Thailand* wasn't too big of a deal. We labeled everything, including remaining stock from previous shipments. We had a VERY long weekend of labeling. Even the children pitched in.

Now it's Mom's job to update all of our inventory online. :) That could take some time. I'm taking some new photos of some of the papers so that you can better see the actual color and texture of the paper.

We did get some Mocha in this shipment. It is beautiful. I don't understand why they discontinued it... but none the less, we've got lots more until it sells out.

Back to work. I'll be posting again later tonight.

Thanks for stopping by.

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