Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New Beary Sweet Printables...

Now available for download are Beary Sweet Printables!

Facial characteristics make a huge difference in the overall appearance of your tear bear or paper pieced critter, and it is probably the most difficult to master. Since the eyes and the nose can be a bit tricky, we've created these downloads of eyes and noses for you to use.

Click on the image above to take you to our webiste. From there, you can download one, two or all three of our files using Adobe Reader. Print them out on heavy white cardstock whenever you need them. You can cut them out by hand or use a paper punch. It's that simple!

As we get closer to releasing my tear bear pattern to the public, I'll be adding helpful tips, trick, and other cool stuff for you to use.

Coming Up Next... How to create lucious lashes!

Until Next Time.

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Killam Creative said...

Hi Kimm - thanks for this wonderful "public service"!